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We provide appropriate Immigration Law services to match your Citizenship and Immigration Canada needs – obtaining a Canadian permanent residency or citizenship; sponsoring a family member; business investments; obtaining a Canada visa, preventing deportation or extradition from Canada, dealing with cic or Canada Border Services or an appeal of your rejected immigration application.

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The Government of Canada been doing extensive immigration program evaluation and it proposing following changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Program: Language skills (English or French) will become even more important than before. The Canadian government is planning to establish new minimum official language thresholds and increasing points for languages; Younger age will be an [...]

Dear friends, VoiceAmerica has invited me as a guest speaker to talk of the subject of "Immigration Rebuilding Our Economy ".  Please find a link below to tune at on July 20, 2010 at 12pm ET (9am PT).  I would also appreciate any suggestion that you might have on current Immigration policies of Canada/USA and how it could be [...]

The Canadian Government is proposing new eligibility criteria for the immigrant investor program so it makes an even greater contribution to the Canadian economy. Proposed regulatory changes will require new investors to have a personal net worth of $1.6M, up from $800,000, and make an investment of $800,000, up from $400,000. These proposals were pre-published on June [...]

Effective immediately, as of June 26, 2010, Canadian Government has made significant changes to its immigration policy. This changes will affect all potential immigrants on and after June 26, 2010. As such, the Canadian government will limit the number of applications considered for processing to 20,000 per year as a way to better manage the [...]

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